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Exploring Arts & Equity in Community Engaged Arts.

Over the last three years I have been working with SKETCH and the Neighbourhood Arts Network to organize and program a series of professional development events, 1-2 day retreats, multiple videos and a 250 person symposium all exploring themes of equity, arts for social change, decolonization, truth reconciliation and ways in which we can create more vibrant, empowered and inclusive spaces as artists. CLICK HERE to see some insights and behind the scenes highlighting the ways in which community engaged artists are working to lead social change in Toronto. 

The Love & Lust Project's Photo Kissing Booth was conceived by Ella Cooper in collaboration with Sean Howard (photographer and passion researcher) as a fun and cheeky way to celebrate all the forms of love and lust that can be found throughout the LGBTTIQQ2SA community and beyond.

During the Toronto Pride Parade & World Pride, we photographed OVER 1,700 PEOPLE in partnership with with Toronto Pride, the International Human Rights Committee and World Pride to celebrate global human rights for all!

Incandescent Mural

Concept by Ella Cooper in collaboration with Mixmotion

Engaged 6,500 people over 12 hours 

"Over the course of the evening of October 4, Torontonians were invited to create a live incandescent mural installation animated by the Neighbourhood ArtsNetwork, community engaged artists, Ella Cooper and mixMotion, the interactive installationcrew.Throughout the evening, Nuit Blanche participants were invited to paint symbols,words, and images on the mural as links to themes of creativity, community, andequity. Using non-toxic sheer high gloss paints, the 7 ft tall cylindrical freestandingstructure that glowed from within gradually became an illuminatedinstallation that celebrated the impact of the arts in our neighbourhoods and thecollective creativity of all of Toronto’s diverse people. 

Body Land Identity Project and reclaiming the Black female body in Canada.

Over the last four years, I have been creating embodied and participatory photo and video based explorations on reclaiming the Black female body in the Canadian landscape and creating new representations of Black women within dominant visual culture.

See the Body Land Identity Page for more details. 

Vocal Jam & Circle Singing 

In 2013, I trained with Bobby Mcferrin, Rhiannon, David Worm and many other prolific vocal improvisers to learn the tradition of circle singing. Since then I have lead vocal improv, body percussion and circle song workshops to group of all ages. Either as a stand a lone experience or blended into my creative facilitation practice. 

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